Swines Meadow Farm Nursery is a small family run nursery which has now been on the go for 16 years. When we first started our main interests were in Hardy Exotics, encompassing bamboo, palms, gingers and cannas. However as our garden evolved so did our interests and desire to grow the less common and unusual. This interest and passion has never faded in fact it has probably intensified and we are always on the look out for different plants. Our team consists of mainly three of us, myself (Colin), Karan and Marcus. Marcus joined us last July and is just as passionate about plants as us and is a very keen propagator so our range of plants is steadfastly increasing.

Horticulture is not career too be going into if you are planning on making a fortune but it is an amazing vocation if you are interested in nature. Nearly every day I discover new things and plants never cease to amaze me with their different forms and ways of growing.

Our specialisms? Just amazing and interesting plants. We consider ourselves as a plantsmans nursery  constantly evolving and looking to increasing our repertoire of plants.

We also do courses at the nursery and attend plant fairs and provide talks for garden clubs and societies. Not much free time! What do we do when we have free time? Go looking at gardens and other nurseries! That’s our obsession!


Colin Ward

Swines Meadow Farm Nursery,
47, Towngate East,
Market Deeping,
01778 343340

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