We have had a request from Lucy Pitman, who is one of the conservation team at Plant Heritage with a part of her job being researching for the Threatened Plants Project (TPP)
Part of the remit for this project is to find an objective way to find and record named cultivars that have become threatened in cultivation in the UK and Ireland.  This leads on to being able to protect and conserve the genetic diversity in garden plants.


These often historic cultivars are often no longer readily available, or rarely grown commercially and an important way of finding these, which they are already working on, is via the National Plant Collections® and records from historic and botanic gardens.


One area they are starting to look at now is smaller and specialist nurseries and this is where IPNG can hopefully help. Lucy and the TPP team are asking for help in a number of ways, either by acting as referees to assess a particular genus or as specialist growers to help with the conservation.


If anyone feels they may be interested in helping Lucy, please contact her at lucypitman@plantheritage.org.uk alternatively, use the contact form on the IPNG website and I will pass your details on to her.