The 3 founders of the website, Sara, Sacha and myself decided we should probably meet in person as until Sunday 4th December the 3 of us had never been in the same room. So we went to the beautiful Hill House in Devon for a meeting (and tea, and lunch) and a wonderful tour of the beautiful nursery.

One of the things that came up in the meeting was the website address, although it was practical, it was a bit long, so after a bit of a look and many late night conversations we finally settled on WWW.IPNG.GARDEN as our new address, although the original will also remain.

We have launched this to our wonderful supporters today and it has gone down very well, the website has received over 400 hits today alone, so thank you!

To link in with this, we have produced a new poster, which is linked below, please feel free to download it, print it and share it.