And what a year.
Fueled firstly by fury but quickly that fury turned into a desperate need to support an industry that the three of us, Matthew Currie, Sacha Hubbard and Sara Venn are absolutely passionate about-UK horticulture and in particular those nurseries growing hugely diverse ranges of plants that you would never find in a plant supermarket type place!!
We’ve gone from 0 nurseries to over 300.
We’ve had extraordinary coverage in the media.
We’ve had wonderful support from an enormous amount of folk within the U.K. horticulture industry.
We’ve spoken to both nurseries and Gardeners who tell us they speak often to people who found them through the guide, or visit nurseries on the guide often.
So heading into year 2, carry on sharing your favourite nurseries with us, tagging us in photos and most importantly supporting those UK nurseries by visiting them
And buying their plants!!